That morning
When Jarrod was sad and didn’t know why
And refused to get dressed
His mother sent him upstairs still wearing his pajamas
To brush his teeth in the tiny aqua bathroom.

Imagine his surprise when in the aqua ceiling
Of the tiny aqua bathroom
He saw an ocean
Full of dolphins.

He left his toothbrush
On the edge of the sink
And dove
Into that limpid, languorous sea
And he was home,
Among his friends,
Back where he remembered being happy
And never having to get dressed
Or brush his teeth.

He dove and frolicked and swirled and leapt
In the clear aqua peace
And sang with the dolphins
And laughed with the dolphins.
Why do I have to go back to that dusty dry place
So heavy and hurried
And get dressed and brush my teeth? Jarrod asked.
The dolphins’ eyes were bright and full
Merry with memories and promises.

It was your turn, spoke their eyes.
In that dusty dry place
Heavy and hurried
They need you.
They need
Spinning, unlimited joy
Whirling, unending play
Shimmering, bottomless love
And their hearts need to overflow
To know the beauty of our world.
We need you
In that dusty dry place.

And the dolphins’ eyes reminded Jarrod
Of memories and promises.

That morning
Jarrod leapt out of the sea
Being careful not to land on his toothbrush
And, still dripping wet,
Brushed his teeth in the tiny aqua bathroom.

He went downstairs
And hugged his mother, who started to scold him for taking too long and getting water everywhere
But he smiled and said don’t worry, the bathroom is dry,
I was swimming with the dolphins in the ceiling.

And his eyes twinkled with such merriment that his mother laughed
And Jarrod said he would get dressed right away
Because he had many things to do.

© Margaret H. Mason 2007
An Ocean of Dolphins in the Aqua Ceiling

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